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The purpose of this website is to provide general information. Your usage of this website or your communication with WCG does not constitute any kind of formal, professional, or advisory relationship between you and WCG, and receipt of information from this website or WCG is not to be construed as professional advice of any kind, including but not limited to legal advice, investment advice, financial advice, or business advice.

Data Collection

During your interaction with this website and WCG, you may provide personal information, including but not limited to your name, your contacts, your addresses, your profile, your business information, and your financial details. This information is utilized by WCG to provide you the information you have requested and to refer you to reputable third party service providers appropriate to your request. Your personally identifiable information will only be shared with third parties with your consent.

In addition, this website may use, or we may allow third-parties to use, third-party cookies to collect anonymous non-personal network and behavioral information that is not personally identifiable, including but not limited to IP Address, Browser, Device, Technology Platform, Search Terms, etc. This information may be utilized by WCG or third parties to deliver targeted ads to your browser, to gauge their effectiveness, and to improve our website, our communication, and our business strategies.

Privacy and Security

WCG will make reasonable commercial efforts to keep your personally identified data secure by using reputable service providers for communication, networking and data storage. However, WCG has no control over the performance of third party service providers and is, therefore, not liable for any security breaches on the part of these third-party service providers.

WCG will not share your personally identifiable information with third parties except for the purpose of providing you with referrals to professional and investment product or service providers as requested by you.

WCG may share certain anonymous non-personal data with advertising partners via the Google Network or other similar reputable Networks. These partners may use this data to show you ads that are likely to be of greater interest to you. This is usually known as Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA).

Opting Out of Google OBA

WCG and our partners may use the Google Network to show you ads based on your behavior. You may opt out of Online Behavioral Advertising by visiting the Control Your Google Ads page, where you control the settings for how Google Network Ads are delivered to your browser. Please review the information on this page carefully, and please note that while it is possible to control how ads are served to your browser, it is not possible to completely stop advertising from appearing on many of the web pages you visit.

HTTP Cookies

HTTP Cookies refer to information that is stored in your Web Browser by the websites that you visit. Cookies provide an important mechanism for websites to personalize your experience, e.g. a user session requiring login cannot be created without the use of Cookies. You can learn more about HTTP Cookies on Wikipedia’s HTTP Cookie page.

Cookies are enabled by default on most publicly used browsers. You can usually control how your browser uses Cookies through the browser’s “options” or “preferences” menu. You can learn more about your browser’s usage of Cookies through its Help menu, or by visiting the browser maker’s support website.

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